Black Heritage Riders -The Journey of A Modern African American Pioneer
Vol. II

Manhattan, New York- Los Angeles, California,   Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No. 848
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Miles Dean- Short Bio

New York To California Trail Rider
Fee: Please contact for more Info
Mr. Dean Commutes from New Jersey


The photographs below are produced by Black Heritage Riders, Inc. and AMAAP. Click on any of the images to see a larger view.

She contributed dollars, he contributed time Sel's expertise, free of charge Work is never done we were all from N.Y. and had stories to share
Everyone involved in a job well done One of the stables for Phill's cowboys Dr. Asante, his wife, and a Philly cowboy awaiting the arrival of AMAAP Walking the Rails in West Texas
Crossing the Pecos River Deputy Sheriffin Pecos, Texas on the road in Sierra Blanca, TX Sierra Blanca at the Foothills
Native American Saddle Maker West Texas Scenery Fellow New Jerseyan on the road It's a small town
Police Escort into El Paso Robert in Vinton, TX volunteered to repair window Sheriff in Pecos, TX Sierra Blanca cowboys
Slim and I leaving the Serna Ranch in Scorro, TX Welcome Committeein El Paso