Black Heritage Riders -The Journey of A Modern African American Pioneer
Vol. II

Manhattan, New York- Los Angeles, California,   Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No. 848
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Miles Dean- Short Bio

New York To California Trail Rider
Fee: Please contact for more Info
Mr. Dean Commutes from New Jersey



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David Woodard from Florida says" Surfing the internet and found one of the most awesome things, "Your story". Myself and about 5 other African American Cowboys are dedicated and have taken the task to keep the legacy alive. We participate in as many cultural festivals and parades as we can and take the horses we own to the kids and share our experiences. We would love to be aprt of your dreams as we share many of the same goals. I am planning to reseach more on the history of the black cowboy in Florida. Please keep us in your prayers as we do you. Don't keep the faith, share it with everyone you meet!"


Marge from New Jersey says" Knowledge equals the power of reassurance and stability. Your endeavors of educating and enlightening youth to embrace their heritage gives them the foothold they need to excel. Your examples of steadfast motivation and endurance are inspiring and awesome. Good Luck with your upcoming Memorial Day 2009 project in Kentucky to continue your work."


Laura Johnson from New Jersey says" Hi Miles....I was so thrilled to meet you tonight at the Sreampark fundraiser for the are a very cool Cat and an inspiration.!!! PEACE!"


Daniel T. Helm  from Illinois says"I enjoyed viewing your web site. I would like to commend you for efforts to bring to light the contributions of African- American to the history of the western United States. The role of African-Americans in the settling of the frontier is almost totally ignored in conventional history, which is lose not only for African-Americans but a lose for world."


Todd Stephan Perkins from Michigan says" Hello, I am an avid Animal Lover and so are my two Wonderful kids Jon Jon age 6 and Piper age 10. Teaching my kids about their dual heritage Afican American/Cherokee Indian on my side their Mother is Scottish,French and German. They are exposed to many of my friends whom I have been Blessed to have friends of all Nationalities,Creeds and Colors. I hope in the near future the Film/Movie Industry can tell some of the untold stories about the "Black Cowboys, Black Indians and Buffalo Soldiers". Best Wishes to you in all of your "Endeavors". Thank you for sharing your Experience and Expertise with the World. Please feel free to check out ! some of my photography on Myspace it's the same as my e-mail. Sincerely, Todd "


Lauren Puma from Michigan says"Big Up to The Black Heritage Riders!"


Malekah from Nevada says" Our ancestors once again have directed your path. You have remained true to our culture...Que te vayas bien y Dios te bendigas"


Malekah from Nevada says"After reading your bio and perusing this wonderful website, i leave amazed at the strength courage and tenacity of our people. Your efforts deportment and character to say nothing of your love for our Afrikan history speaks volumes to where we have come from,we can become, where we can go and how nothing is impossible. Last, As an Afrikan Cuban exile, you have my most profound and everlasting respect..Sanfofa"


Ethan Slater say" You will never regret the preset you live to its fullest."


Bruce & Cindy(Cocoa's Corral) from Maryland say" We were pleased to meet you, Miles, during your cross-country journey. Love the new website and looking forward to receiving the newsletter. You were featured in two issues of our "Spirit of Horse" newsletter and we have a link to your site on our Circle of Friends website. We share the same mission and vision. Ada-do-listi (Cherokee) means God Bless You!"


Sophie from New Jersey says"Miles, I spoke with you today regarding your ponies and during our conversation you were kind enough to mention this website and am so glad that you shared this website as I will share with my children and friends."


Ron Smith from New Jersey says" Man, I knew you could do it. Congrats and much love to you and Sankofa, see you soon. Ron


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