Black Heritage Riders -The Journey of A Modern African American Pioneer
Vol. II

Manhattan, New York- Los Angeles, California,   Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No. 848
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Miles Dean- Short Bio

New York To California Trail Rider
Fee: Please contact for more Info
Mr. Dean Commutes from New Jersey


Black Heritage Rider Stops in Odessa

Watch Video

Liz AdeolaMiles Dean
CBS 7 News
February 2, 2008

Odessa, TX- It's taken every dime he owns. But Black Heritage Rider Miles Dean says his mission is priceless, "The public education system has dumbed down the contributions of many African Americans, and I think that it's an injustice and the truth needs to come out."

The longtime teacher, who's celebrated black history all his life, is traveling by horse to find the hidden pieces of Black History's puzzle. "I've always entered the classroom with the public school text in one hand and my supplemental text in the other. And by combining the two, the truth comes out," shares Dean.

A truth the self proclaimed black heritage rider is willing to travel nearly three thousand miles for with his horse Sankofa, spreading what he's learned from coast to coast. "I think that when people know everyone's story, that brings harmony," says Dean.

That's why he's searching for the untold contributions made by all ethnicities. Hoping others will join in his trek to find the truth. "Now I can't tell it all, I'm just doing what I can," Dean shares as he rides off into the sunset.

You can follow Dean's journey online just click this link:

The Black Heritage Rider hopes to reach the Pacific Ocean by the end of Black History Month.