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Miles Dean- Short Bio

New York To California Trail Rider
Fee: Please contact for more Info
Mr. Dean Commutes from New Jersey



The Black Heritage Riders Cross The USA In EasyCare Hoof Boots-Western Horseman Magazine-January 22,2008

The Black Heritage Riders are going strong as Miles Dean and Sankofa along with Reggie Gough make their way on a journey riding horseback from New York to LA!  Miles Dean, executive director of the New Jersey-based non-profit organization set out on a 6,000-mile trek from New York to California in September.  The 58-year old elementary school teacher is on a mission to educate people about African-American contributions and achievements.  Dean tries to average about 30 miles each day he is on the road and he hopes to reach California by February, which is Black History Month.  Hoof Care Practitioner Carrie Christiansen of Browns Mills, NJ provided Miles horses with a good trim, boots and education on booting.  Dean's horse sports Old Mac G2's in the front and Easyboot Epics behind, all with Comfort Pads