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A trek across the country is a venture that can not be accomplished alone. In addition to the cost of the obvious items, there is the cost of materials for the videographer, fuel and maintenance for the vehicles, cost of communications devices, the cost of keeping in contact through the Internet, and a host of other costs that one is usually not aware. The AMAAP journey is a partnership between the sponsors of the Black Heritage Riders which helps build alliances, and whose intention is to promote unity, understanding, and hope amongst the persons whom we shall meet over the next 180 plus days.

Please consider partnering with us as we encourage, stimulate, and engage students in the disciplines of social studies, literacy, and science. Be a part of history; this is the first time a person has ridden horseback across our great nation teaching and expounding on the history, culture, contributions, and interactions of African Americans and Native Americans while maintaining contact with thousands on the Internet.

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